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Jul 14

Может быть, я должен написать на многочисленных форумах и блогах, где другие недовольные пишут. Может быть, я должен был ожидать такого бреда, учитывая ошибки и ложь, при попытке получить первую квартиру. В понедельник я буду звонить им снова, даже если я не смогу получить обещанные связи любого раньше, я буду делать свою лепту.

Так в настоящее время я использую телефон от хороших людей на T-Mobile, чтобы связаться с помощью своей службы HSDPA. Вам стоит поверить, что они получат своё.

Adventure Berlin

  • important link

    Right, I promise that at some point in the near future the snarky posting will begin in earnest, but for now I want to rant and here’s as good a place as any.  Today’s subject is Bulldog Broadband, herein known as BB, and their Crime Against Chris is lethargy in reconnecting my internet connection.

    That’s right, suckling chiddles, I’m currently without my sweet, sweet 24Mbit/s ADSL, having moved apartments.  The nice people at BB first told me they could expedite the switch, so that I’d experience little to no downtime… naively I believed them.  Of course, now I’m told that it’ll be the 17th before my connection is active.  And right now this second I’m looking at my modem which is flashing to tell me that ADSL is active but won’t let me log on.

    Here’s the deal, BB: I make my money writing for SlashGear, so when I’m not writing I’m not getting paid.  That means you’re not getting paid.  I’m sick to the grinding back-teeth of your relentlessly moronic customer services lackeys, their rude supervisors and the perpetually delaying, stalling, “I can’t let you do that” tactics continuously rolled out to prevent me from speaking to anybody higher up the BB food chain.

    Now BB recently got taken over by Pipex, and they just so happen to have premises five minutes down the road from where I live.  So how about I take a trot down there and do a little impromptu SlashGear interview, see what platitudes they can offer me?  After all, Peter Dubens, Bless’d Chairman of Pipex Communications did tell us:

    “The acquisition of Bulldog brings further scale to the Pipex Group and we are delighted to welcome all the Bulldog customers”

    Sounds like an invitation to me, don’t you agree?

    Or maybe I should save my ire for the numerous forums and blogs where other dissatisfied souls weep and gnash.  Perhaps I should’ve expected such crapness, given the catalogue of errors, lies, faults and missed appointments experienced when trying to get the first flat wired up for the internets.  Come Monday I’ll be ringing them again; even if I can’t get my promised connection any sooner, I’ll be doing my bit to make their lives miserable in the meantime.

    So currently I’m using a review phone from the good people at T-Mobile to connect via their HSDPA service.  You better believe that they’ll get an ace review.

  • Stickam - are you really that interesting?

    Jul 14

    The beaming Mr Scoble writes of his extreme pleasure with Stickam, a site which does legitimately (i.e. you tell it to) what a whole web-worth of voyeurs wish they could do insidiously; namely, it turns on your webcam and broadcasts you sitting there typing/surfing/scratching to anybody who desires to view it.  Now while Robert ponders the business model and practical applications for Stickam, coming up with something along the lines of “oh, you’re working from home and the rest of the office want to see your furrowed brow!”, the rest of us nod sagely and mutter “one for the pornographers”.

    Success of the chirpy YouTube clone, XTube (NSFW), which picks up the pervert baton where the social video sight left off (or, more accurately, left clothes on), shows that the overwhelming desire to flaunt one’s wobbly bits continues unabated.  Whether XTube’s own monetisation plans - to charge for “premium” content from official studios - is working I’m not sure.  Ironically, a casual glance gives the impression that many of the pay-per-view titles run along the staged “amateur” theme, as is topically popular among the strokers and the shakers, and so you wonder who exactly is paying for fake-amateur when real-amateur is free?

    Of course, the privacy monkeys will get all in a babble about Stickam, likely resorting to tabloid headlines to make their point.  “Perverts spy on your kids!” will be the gist of the hype, though whether the sight of teenagers blandly surfing some unseen screen, picking at their spots and munching chips 24/7 will stoke or abate the arousal of the online predators who are, we’re told, in every dark crevice of the information super highway, remains to be seen.

    Far more concerning to me is the creeping spread of Reality TV, with every Tom, (hard) Dick and Mary believing them to be interesting enough to consume my bandwidth.  The placatory will merely point out that I needn’t visit the site if I don’t want to, but considering Stickam is heavily pushing their external integration I’m bound to come across some random bleary face on my surf-travels.  Might I therefore suggest a metaphorical sniper-rifle plugin, which if clicked by enough viewers will permanently delete a dullard’s account and save our aching eyes.

    New toys all round

    Jul 14

    This poor blog has been neglected recently, what with Bulldog Broadband being tardy with my connection, but I’m back online now and raring to go.  It looks like while I’ve been missing in action other people have been getting new toys, as my good friend Judie over at Gear Diary has just posted some photos of her Fujitsu LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC, ordered in the final, gasping throws of 2006 and now in her hopefully-not-too-sweaty little hands.

    Fujitsu LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC

    It’s all hitting a tad too close-to-home, I’m afraid, as my trusty tc1100 is showing signs of vaguely imminent hardware failure (of the graphics card, fact-felchers) and I’m a little anxious that all of a sudden it’ll be time to go computer shopping with nary a pound, dollar or yen to my name.

    And why am I currently broke?  Well, it has a lot to do with the new contents of my garage: a Smart ForFour Brabus.

    Smart ForFour Brabus

    177bhp of turbocharged loveliness, oh yes!  Expect a review sometime soon, once I’ve managed to get this crazed grin off my face

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